Being established in 2007, Dongying Weima Petroleum Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. is located in a national high-efficiency zone on Shengli Oilfield, which belongs to Sinopec, in the Yellow River Delta, occupies unique combination resources of petroleum industry, as well as the convenience in air, ocean and land transportation, and harmony in social and cultural activities.

    WEIMA GROUP occupies 132,000 square meters plant area for the 1st phase, under total investment of 160 million USD and 100 million USD of fixed assets. Our product scope includes drill pipe, HWDP, drill collar, Anti-H2S drill pipe, low temperature drill pipe, high torque tool joint, upset pipe body, and hard-banding application, as well as NDT inspection and INTERNAL PLASTIC COATING of drilling tools and OCTG. WEIMA GROUP has successfully turned into a high-tech enterprise with the most complete product chain including design, processing, manufacturing and service in drilling tool industry, meanwhile, a package solution provider of drilling tools for conventional and shale O&G, as well as for E&P and drilling operation worldwide.  

    WEIMA GROUP has started the second phase which occupies 152,300 square meters plant area with the total investment of 150 million USD. With the second phase project, WEIMA will actively participate the development of strategic emerging industries of national offshore engineering equipment and comprehensively promote the design, processing, manufacturing and service of offshore petroleum engineering products and equipment. 

    WEIMA GROUP at the mean time, gradually set up branch offices and subsidiaries in Middle East, CIS, Europe and Latin America, to establish our sales and after-sales service net worldwide in O&G industry. 

    WEIMA is approved first class vender of drilling tools for CNPC, SINOPEC & CNOOC, and has perfect sales references in the past 7 years. Especially, WEIMA covers 60% of market share in SINOPEC of supplying drill pipe with sales amount exceeding 3 million meter defect-free as WEIMA is the strategic partner of SINOPEC. From 2013, WEIMA’s high torque double shoulder drill pipe has been successfully applied in CNOOC offshore projects in South China Sea and holds 100% share of domestically purchsed drill pipe in CNOOC since then.

WEIMA’s products and service have gained worldwide reputation not only among drilling contractors in CIS such as Rosneft, Gazprom, BKE, but also in other regions all over the world, including north and south America, MENA, Europe, Southeast Asia, such as Weatherford, Haliburton, Focus Energy India, PDVSA, and in countries like Mexico, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan etc., with a total defect-free sales amount exceeding 2 million meters. WEIMA has set up worldwide sales and after-sales network through our product promotion and service.  

    Furnished with the most advanced equipments and technology, Weima group has been approved by API 5DP, API 7-1, Russian GOST and RTN, NS-1 which is the most stringent standard in this industry, as well as the ISO certifications. And Weima has been awarded as 3A creditable enterprise.  

    WEIMA has two production lines of drill pipe, with a yearly output of 60,000 ton to ensure high capacity of production with complete coverage of API standard drill pipe from 2 3/8” to 6 5/8”, as well as 5 7/8”. Meanwhile, WEIMA has two production lines of HWDP and Drill Collar with capacity of 10,000 joints annually. As for internal plastic coating, WEIMA has a yearly output of 1,000,000 meters IPC capacity for drilling tools & OCTG. 

    WEIMA uses only TPCO green pipe- the best pipe mill in China- for drill pipe body, as well as Xingcheng Special Steel for tool joint raw material. This is to ensure the product quality from the source. 

    For production equipment, WEIMA is furhished with 10,000 Ton State-of-Art Upsetter and upsetting process with super long and smooth transition area, full length heat treatment equipment, MTI Inertia friction welder from USA. For inspection equipment, WEIMA is the only company equiped with the most advanced USA made in-line Tuboscope NDT5845 EMI and Truscope-II 40 channel Full Length UT and wall-thickness inspection equipment, while at the same time adopts many other inspection equipment like portable UT flaw detector from Germany, German Oxford optical spectrometer, magnetic particle inspection machine to ensure a strict quality control and ecellent product quality. 

    WEIMA understands self-dependent innovation and development of patent protected new product and the construction of diversified product chain is the core motivation of growth of a manufacturer. Therefore, WEIMA has set up physicochemical and mechanical properties testing lab with spectrometer, metalloscope, universial testing machine, impact testing machine, low-temperature tank, high temperature and high pressure autoclave., etc. Weima has invited API experts, German technical experts and SINOPEC drilling experts as senior technical consultant, and carries out technical communications regularly with professors and specialists from China Petroleum University, China South West Petroleum University.,etc. Until now, WEIMA has self developed and applied for 13 high-tech patents including 5 7/8” OD drill pipe, anti-H2S drill pipe, low temperature drill pipe, high torque drill pipe, aluminum alloy drill pipe, biconical surface elevator drill pipe, direct-link drill pipe as well as the application of internal coating for drilling tools and OCTG.  

    WEIMA has developed high performance internal plastic coating production line for drill pipe and OCTG, together with German specialist. WT 300P series of IPC products are WEIMA’s patent protected IPC products, equivalent to Tuboscope TK34 series, but even better in high temperature and H2S resistance performance. This is the innovation of IPC industry and has broken the monopoly from US products. It could greatly extend the lifespan of drill tools and reduce the drilling operation cost. WT 300P series of IPC products are already recognized in CNOOC, Statoil, and other regions of the O&G sector over the world, because of its high temperature, pressure, abrasion resistance, high H2S and CO2 resistance, no abscission or electrochemical corrosion and excellent performance-price ratio, and will thus benefit all of WEIMA’s clients for sure. 

    There shall be no end of improvements. And Weima group will use its unique advantages and opening attitude to strengthen the cooperation and communication with clients both from domestic and abroad. With a beautiful environment and rather strong strength, and as the leading company in domestic drilling tools industry, WEIMA has already rised from the tail of Yellow River and the coast of Bohai Sea.